How good or bad is being assertive


Being assertive is  a situation where we deny for something or be very straight forward by being polite at the same time.Because there can be  a situation where we can’t make  happy everyone just by obeying them because there is a saying if we  are  doing some act, it will  make  some  people happy and some  people angry. If there is  any  adverse situation we can  tackle the  circumstances by assertive but if we got short tempered and  use perverse word in case we lost our mind ,become  out of control,then it may cause loss to ourself  and  damage to our image in public. We can’t say anything paradoxically. Although everyone have their fringe opinion ,we can’t react  without thinking. For instance, if our friends  insisting us for hangout with them and we  have important  work of our job,we  can  be  assertive at that time. But we shouldn’t forget we can’t be  assertive  every time we  may loss  our bonding with near and dear ones. Being assertive  is being straightforward but not rude but polite. This shows how we  are  mature  and  understandable to  face the  situation because we  can’t bruise anyone’s sentiments. This is just a  tactic to sort out the  problem at time  not a behaviour or nature of someone because these days  all  we  have  lot  of  aim ,dreams,objectives,targets and we  can’t be  anyone to  be  granted for the  sake  of  others  every time.
Best example of this  in  corporate world,if a  junior has been given  so many projects and his seniors are giving them more projects to be conpleted he can  say  “Sir/Ma’am, I have  already so many projects to complete,let me complete some of them  ,then  I’ll take  more projects from you but being in a very polite manner , he should not refuse to them,it may be considered offensive by the boss and relation may take turn in wrong side which is too bad  for  employee. Even not only juniors but sometimes seniors alse be  assertive because if they will  do  like ‘Bossgiri’ and be rude to the employees then it will create chaos and  anarchy in the workplace. So must consider  pros and cons of everything coming out of our actions. If we’ll  be  assertive everytime it’ll become impossible to get our work done everytime because assertiveness is not good always,it can  affect our relationship with people in society. So, we  can’t go to any length just to clear our roadblocks.
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Reena Gupta
CA student